The Future of _speed_

Progress on _speed_ for the longest time has been very slow mostly due to my lack of motivation towards the project, the main reason for this is that it’s an absolute pain to add anything to the game. When I started working on it around two years ago I was 15 and had didn’t know how large the project would become and due to this had no idea how to structure the project, so over the last two years it has slowly grown out of control to the point where I’ve lost all motivation.

I now have a lot more knowledge in structuring projects through game jams and other smaller and medium sized games and I feel it is best to rewrite _speed_, but I’m also going to take a break from _speed_ for a while, I’ve been working on it for two years now and I’ve enjoyed working some smaller things on the side more at the moment.

The rewrite will mean that things which were previously impossible can be added, the biggest one I can think of at the moment will be split screen! I haven’t decided how many people you can have per screen but that’s something to experiment with.

I’m also testing with non tile based circuits at the moment, this means that circuits can flow together and have a more unique feeling to each one that just placed together tiles.

_speed_ will live on and hopefully be a finished game at some point but that probably won’t be anytime soon.

_speed_ update – 14th September

So….It has been quite a while since the last update…but lots of stuff has changed!

  • Weapons have been removed and redone
  • Xinput and directinput gamepads and now supported
  • You can now rebind gamepad controls
  • The HUD has been redesigned yet again
  • Tweening animations on the event end menus
  • Began to implement times and records
  • Slowest speed class removed
  • Circuit 1 has got a restyling (still WIP)

I’ve decided to changed the visual style a bit, circuits are no longer going to be limited to one colour. I was starting to find the background scenery on circuits was very static and bland and I believe part of this was due to every circuit using one colour. Over the coming months the current six circuits will be restyled, I also plan to add lots of new dynamic background decoration.

I’ve removed the slowest speed class at the moment, I feel that there is no need for 4 speed classes as it’s only going to make things more difficult and long-winded when it comes to storing local and online high scores. I also plan to increase the speed of every speed class, at the moment they just seem too slow and I find my self hardly colliding with the barriers.

Xinput and directinput devices are now fully supported, this means you can plug in your xbox, ps4, or any other gamepad and it will work out of the box with no xinput wrappers needed (except ps3 gamepads). You can also rebind gamepad controls and use the analog sticks now.

In behind the scenes stuff menus are being completely redone however, there should be no significant difference in the short term. At the moment every button in the menus is a sprite, I did this at the time because it was the easiest way, however it is a pain to change simple things such as text on the buttons as it requires editing an image instead of a string. All the menus are slowly moving towards using drawing calls instead, this should reduce the game size a bit and decrease compile times. This will also allow stuff like multi language support if I choose to add that in the future.

I won’t promise there will be another update soon, but I’ll try not to leave it several months. If you want more regular updates follow my twitter account @_speed_game or subscribe to my YouTube channel Leegamestudios.

I should also update the background image, those assets haven’t been used in game for months

_speed_ dev log 26th Feburary

Been a while since I last updated but quite a lot has changed, lost of visual effects have changed in order to bring their style in line with the rest of the game, the HUD has also been redone making it smaller and increasing readability of some sections.

I’ve been messing around with the steering and tightened it up for the video but I feel like I over did it a bit as I kept crashing:/

I’ve been thinking about how single player could be done and had the idea of a semi multiplayer section to it where your performance in career races effects the other people playing the career mode. Anyway here is my initial idea, this may or may not ever be a thing…

Each week you pick a team to race as, completing events and challenges which goes towards an online points tally for your team. At the end of the week the winning team is declaired and this starts again for the second week, at the end of the month the team with the most weekly wins or if there is no clear winner team with the highest amount of points wins that months season and gets some sort of prize (no idea yet)
Events will be around a map and refresh every x hours (to stop farming points constantly) completing these events will earn your team points and add them to the global amount. Challanges will also gain your points for your team (will also reset), challenges may include;
– Hit an opponent with x weapon
– Come first in x gamemode
– In a time trial get a time of atleast x
If I were to add a semi multiplayer mode I might also include a quick offline career mode so people who cannot connect to the internet can still play and I’m not sure about limiting how much people can play in that gamemode.

_speed_ dev log update week 1st Feburary

This week I started working on pretty visual updates and fixing things that should of been done a while ago. There is a new effect for shields and absorbing weapons, there were done using the new GLSL shaders added to GameMaker Studio.

Weapons are now fired out of the tip of the craft and now at the origin of the sprite (the back of the craft) The HUD elements can now flash colours (again due to shaders!) so taking damage results in the shield bar turning red for a short while and regaining shield changes it green. All craft (player and AI) will flash white for a fraction of a second when taking damage, once sounds are fully added this should help in adding feedback to weapons.

I’ve been messing around with gfycat which uses html5 videos instead of gifs so that means much higher quality playback with no loading! However until I get my own hosting sorted out and not using wordpress I can’t embed the videos.

I’ve also been messing around with lighting but haven’t got anything solid to show this week so hopefully next time.

_speed_ alpha version 9

At last a new build! So, whats changed since the last build? Pretty much everything so I’m not going to bother writing up a change log from version 8 to 9.

Whats in this build??
– Standard Race Mode
– Time Trial Mode
– Craft Designer
– 12 pre made teams
– 4 circuits

For some reason the images don’t seem to be showing for me so here an imgur album of them


Link 1

Link 2

Send any feedback you have to!

_speed_ Dev log update

It’s been a while since I last posted (Almost two months!) and good progress has been made.

The craft designer is pretty much done, I just need to add a name system and stats editing. I also have plans to allow you to import a banner image for your team which will be displayed in the craft selector

A new alpha build should be coming out withing a week or two, the main things to do is adding control bindings finish off some of the menus. After the release focus will be on adding better visual effects and UI.


The UI will be completely customisable, you will be able to select the position of the individual pieces such as; the shield bar, speed bar, position counter etc, you will also be able to scale each piece up or down or just remove it from the UI completely. This will probably be handled in a .ini file where you will choose the x, y, x scale and the y scale of the feature.


Following the visual improvements focus will be shifted onto getting the career mode working, career mode will have special races where you will be limited to what weapons you can use, craft you can use, and what craft you will be racing against. Once I have a solid idea of whats going to happen I will post them here.

Hopefully the next post won’t take as long.

1080p, optimisations, IDG, and a new video


For some  reason when I started _speed_ over a year ago I decided to have everything done in 720p and upscale it to 1080p. It must have never occurred to me to downscale it instead:/ So I’ve decided to switch over to 1080p since some of the text was a bit blurry on the menus and HUD. Thankfully this is relatively easy as the HUD already scales depending on the view port and the menus just need their buttons stretched out a bit. What will this mean for you? Nothing really but some text on the menus should be much crisper now.


I’m also going to be doing some optimisations when it comes to drawing the circuits. At the moment all buildings you see are individual objects and are drawing shadows constantly and the massive background (greater than 10000×10000 pixels in some cases) are being drawn constantly even when not needed. To resolve this I have a few ideas.

Static buildings will be built into the backgrounds along with the shadows, this way each building isn’t a separate object executing drawing calls every step. Secondly the backgrounds will be split into smaller pieces which when out of view will not be draw. This should significantly decrease the GPU workload for drawing calls.


I’ve also submitted _speed_ into the IDG (Indie Dev Grant) which for those who don’t know is part of the bundle in a box event, for every 100 bundles sold $15 is added to the fund. I will make a new blog post once the bundle is up and I’ll explain how you can vote!

As part of the IDG I put up a new video showing some game play for my submission.

One final note, the gameplay update is almost complete so next up is the visual and menu update meaning lots of fancy effects, shaders, and particles. Yay!